Our job is to provide the very best service possible.With years knowledge and experience for fabrication and installation of granite kitchen countertops and other stone products for building,we will be pleased to offer suggestions for colour,    pattern,drawing and surface finished if required.

Part A: Material Selection

1.      All stones must be consistent in colour and texture.
2.      Slabs must be evenly polished and free of any machine polish markings or scratches.
3.      Stone must be free of cracking and excessive fissures.
4.      The thickness of material must be consistent (with a tolerance of less than +/- 1 mm). This is also required for finished edge details.

Part B:  Polish Edge Detail

1.      The polish of the edge detail must be consistent as the polish of material face.
2.      Under the edge, the stone must be finished of smoothly.
3.      All bevelled or radius edges must be accurate and consistent in appearances, without bumping.

Part C: Quality Inspection and Packaging

1.      Prior to packing of all countertops, a final quality inspection must be conducted to ensure that all the above mentioned requirements are achieved.
2.      All countertops must be washed and cleaned thoroughly prior to packing.
3.      All countertops must be properly packed in a container without any moving during the transport.

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  • TS001
  • CT007
  • Vanity top 009
  • Hebei Black
  • Green porphyry
  • Cosmos Black
  • Green Galaxy
  • Brushed Finish (Basalt)
  • Leather Finish (G684)
  • Silver Dragon
  • Volakas
  • Aristone
  • China Black Marquino
  • Grey Serpeggiante Dark
  • Fossil Black
  • Green Porphyry
  • SRSSD003
  • SRSSD002

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